gallery of pastel photorealism artwork by amber-rose hulme

structured chaos - 2016 amber-rose hulme pastel photorealismTaking inspiration from the textures and tones of modern life, Amber-rose is fascinated by capturing these with pastels and paper. The balance between photorealism and painterly techniques.

Amber-rose’s focus is currently on the urban landscape. The interaction between aged, weathered buildings and the modern overlay of street art. A unique and ever-changing insight into the thoughts of the street artists, where one persons artwork is another persons canvas. Rather than preservation, the temporal and ever-changing nature is celebrated, perhaps as a more accurate reflection of the world to which it provides commentary.

original pastel drawings

Original artworks can be seen by appointment. Sizes given are for the artwork only unless specified, framed size is larger. All prices include professional archival framing and collection in Melbourne. Delivery can be arranged nationally with a professional art courier service, and prices are available on application.

Amber-rose is represented by Flinders Lane Gallery, Melbourne. All sales enquiries should be directed to


galleries – original artwork

forsaken tranquility (Flinders Lane Gallery, Feb 2017)


of the wall


urban scrawl


coastal 2016

Constant movement: water against rock, wind against sand, eating, shaping, moulding. The rigid, manufactured lines of mans contribution stand starkly separate, slicing through the organic rhythm of the coast line, defiantly solid, its unnatural colours jarringly conspicuous like an overly painted face concealing a natural beauty. Yet as impervious as they may seem, they too are not immune. However defiantly our man made constructs may fight the environment on which they impose, their sterile exterior will eventually bow down to its forces. As each crack and pockmark is added to their weathered face do they not become more beautiful? Does allowing oneself to show the strain and knocks endured undermine strength? Or does displaying this vulnerable character expose the true beauty and strength, as they become an integrated part of the environment.

Hear the radio show featuring Amber-rose and Claire Bridge, discussing the Flinders Lane Gallery Coastal show.